Whether in simple white, classically decorated or with a luxuriance of decorative detail, Suisse Langenthal is the porcelain for every occasion and the most exacting demands. Upon request we will manufacture porcelain decorated to your own design—or with your coat of arms, handwriting, or logo.

Hotel porcelain is distinguished by its extraordinary impact resistance and virtually indestructible decorative colours. It is especially well suited, therefore, to the intensive demands place on it in the restaurant and catering business.

Hotel porcelain also serves well in any private household. Those who like vivid colours and unusual motifs will love Bopla! The Bopla! line was created by Suisse Langenthal designers specifically for private use. Suisse Langenthal is also your source for the high-quality products of G. Benedikt and Lilien Austria, our partners in the Czech Republic and Austria.